Tuesday, March 15, 2016

What we know about generations?


Today I would like to talk about Generations as I was told to make a short essay by my lecturer. This is what I found when googling about generations.

There are 6 generations as said by Don Tapscott in his book, Grown Up Digital. The generations are Pre Baby Boomers, Baby Boomers, Generation X, Generation Y, Generation Z and last one is Generation A as in Generation Alpha. Pre Baby Boomers was born in the year of 1945 and before. Baby boomers born on 1946 to 1964. Generation X was born in between 1965 to 1980. Generation Y was born on 1981 to 1994. Generation Z was born on 1998 to now. And last but not least is Generation A or Alpha was born on 2010 and onwards.

Pre baby boomers were known as old people who had many experiences on life because they did live for a long time. They live before the world war.

Baby boomers was born on 1946-1964 after the World War 2. They more like to be independence and was likely the one who introduce the broadcasting system on TV, radio and newspaper.

Generation X was born on 1965-1980 and the one with the internet. They were born when the internet was starting to widely use. They are more educated than baby boomers. Personal computer was made and the data storage was floppy disk. Video games also was introduced. Jane Deverson said that this generation was known to have negative vibe which are they started to listen to punk music, used of drug and many more. This is the rebellious side of gen X.

Generation Y was born on 1981-1994 and also Millennium baby. This generation was the one who used technology the most. The introduction of email, instant messaging and media social was when they are growing up. They are the one who have the advantage of advance technology. They are also likely to play online games because that’s when these kind of games was introduce by game makers. But they still know traditional games as well. The used of headphones or earphones was well known by these generations thus the introduced of Walkman.

Generation Z was born on 1995-2010 and also called as iGeneration or internet generation. They were born as the internet was widely use in everyday life. The gadgets were made when they were born and this effect their life as today. They grown up with gadgets on their hands. They know things as how it is and handphones was starting to get advance. This generation was the one who experience the usage of smartphones and tablets. They are at the right age as these advance of technology was widely use.

Generation Alpha was born on 2011-2025. They are all generation X, Y and Z combined. They know how to used technology even when they are still little kids because the gadgets were there when they start to know things. They more likely to love gadgets more than anything. They naturally know how gadgets work. The technology was on their fingertip.

Feel free to comment about my essay. Be know that this is what I search around and what I thought it is.

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